First Advantage Introduces Next-Gen RightID™ to Detect Job Applicant Fraud in Pre-Hire Process

March 11, 2024

Multi-Layered Approach Designed to Flag Inconsistencies and Deep-Fake Efforts Delivers a Consistent, Secure Solution to Growing Problem

ATLANTA, March 11, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- First Advantage Corporation (NASDAQ: FA), a leading provider of employment background screening, identity, and verification solutions, today announced the availability of its next-gen RightID™ identity fraud solution for U.S. employers, building on the success seen in expanding its digital identity solutions internationally in countries such as the U.K., India, Australia, and Canada. Designed to flag inconsistencies in a job applicant’s identity, RightID leverages responsible generative AI and machine learning to help recognize potential errors in identity information submitted, or even potentially fraudulent or false identity information, when intaking new applicants in real-time. Integrated with First Advantage’s Profile Advantage® applicant platform, RightID combines multiple levels of dynamic technology to seamlessly discover inconsistencies in applicant-provided information, mitigate risks in the pre-hire process, and deliver a convenient, secure identity fraud solution to a growing problem.

With industry research indicating a sharp uptick in applicant fraud and stark warnings from the FBI about the use of deep fakes, employers have started to recognize emerging identity fraud concerns and the importance of fraud mitigation solutions. Employing fraudulent applicants could result in creating significant reputational distrust and potential safety concerns for employees and customers while increasing overall onboarding costs. RightID’s liveness detection and document validation technologies, combined with knowledge-based techniques, identify potential counterfeits and possible deep fake efforts to help create a robust defense against identity fraud.

Operating in real-time, RightID sends alerts to customers instantly before the formal background check takes place. With the comprehensive RightID solution built into existing integration workflows, employers benefit from finding potential identity fraud or likely errors in applicant data entry while keeping the hiring process fast and easy.

Joelle Smith, President, Data, Technology, and Experience for First Advantage, shared, “In today’s dynamic hiring landscape, fraudulent activities are on the rise, as are the costs of recruiting and making the wrong hire. With many organizations across industries continuing to rely on remote talent acquisition methods, it is more important than ever to create a practice of efficiently flagging inconsistencies and recognizing potential errors in identity information of applicants to stop fraud before it results in a mis-hire. RightID offers that solution earlier in the process, without adding friction to the overall applicant experience.”

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Hear from First Advantage experts Irina Kovach, Senior Vice President and Mike Cook, Vice President of Product Management, as they discuss the challenges and present the latest options available to help HR teams “Foil the Fakes in Today’s Virtual Job Applicant World” in a Webinar on March 28, 2024 at 01:00 PM ET.

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